Getting back to rug mats. My hardwood floor guy hadn’t seen anything on the “made with 100% plant based. . .” mats, so wouldn’t  say yay or no. Only that bigger holes for breathe-ability was key.

I ordered two anyway, from an established natural rug company. I have to say, they are quite sticky–I mean that rug is not going to slide one bit, and making a shift on purpose is a hands and knees fussy chore. (February 2013 update:  I pulled up the runner to clean the floor. Had to get  down on my hands and knees to scrub off a residue left my my new mat. So I really don’t recommend them now!  And when I politely wrote to their salespeople to let them know my experience–I owed them that–they didn’t give me the courtesy of a reply. So now they shall be named: “Natural Area Rugs”)

I like better the older one I already had, which had been given to me (re-use!). And to me the info on the package of the new ones (and the info from asking the dealer) to be unsatisfactory. “Made with” is not saying what other ingredients were included, implying 100% plant based without actually saying so. Made in China is what it was.

So, I don’t think it is worth paying more to get a “green” but slippery label.

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