There was a “For Better or For Worse” cartoon strip in which Michael is all set for trick-or-treating with his friends. He’s a WWI flying ace. With helmet, goggles and, of course, the flowing white scarf. Even better, a cardboard biplane replica hangs from his shoulders, putting him in the cockpit. He is so cool!
He and his plane are almost out the door when Mom tells him to take his little sister Lizzie along, just until Mom can get out. Michael thinks it is a disaster that will cramp the boys’ style.
But at door after door the homeowners exclaim how nice it is to see the little one out with the bigger kids, and they dump extra candy in the group’s bags. So when Mom arrives as promised to take Lizzie, Michael says, “Never mind, Mom—we’ll keep her!”
Michael has learned something new, and so can I. 
I can enjoy the creative masks and costumes of businesses and political campaigners looking for candy for themselves or their sponsors. And then, reward those who are looking out for Lizzie, whether she is our sister, our community or our beleaguered planet. 

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