I am so all-fired happy this morning, and the trigger seems to be a couple of news stories. Have I gone around the bend in these somber times of Russian aggression and climate collapse? Possibly. You decide. One of the news stories comes out of the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee—one of the many middle-America regions that have long languished in the wake of the flight of manufacturing jobs, in this case textiles, to yet-poorer places overseas. I’ve long torn out my hair wishing I could help them, somehow, to create new jobs rather than stew in resentment under their MAGA hats.

And now? Golly gosh, Wally. Their home prices have sunk so low, newcomers are arriving. They are bringing progressive ideas together with old-fashioned can-do attitudes, according to a story at the top of the business section of the NYT today. A new internet based accounting practice already has 250 clients in tiny Celina. A restauranteur has moved in, from Florida, with cuisine attractive to tourists of the lovely countryside. I’d like to be a fly on the wall to hear how the blues and reds work things out between themselves. It might be rocky. But over the long run, I expect the politics of resentment to fade here. That is so encouraging this morning.

The other story that tickled me is about the creative ways “hacktivists” are finding to get around Putin’s clamp-down on truth-telling media. Daily Kos’ Aldous J. Pennyfarthing (yeah, why not?) has found online restaurant reviews with news about Ukraine inserted. Now if they can identify businesses owned by Russian billionaire oligarchs and target them, bwoo-haah!

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