I felt like a corpuscle gliding throughout a hospital patient watching the doctor at work. The house was the patient. Every fan had a tube dropping down from the small gap under the cover. The cold air return was sealed off, half with green tape and the other half by the “doctor” who clapped on a cap, it’s hose running to some digital measuring device.

That was one small part of nearly five hours of an energy audit. Darn it, I forgot to get a picture to post. But next week I’ll sit down for the consultation and learn what can be done to make the house more energy efficient and comfy. Meanwhile I’ll follow the advice not to use the fan in the laundry room–my technician Levi was able to induce a backdraft, which could be dangerous. It seems it can really matter what water heater you choose and how it is chimneyed. We (and the plumber) apparently didn’t choose real well, given the furnace we have, the gas dryer nearby, and the vertical climb of the chimney to the roof.

I’m happy I did this audit.

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