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“Get up close or move further away. This is the only way you will be able to see anything. You can see nothing from the middle distance!” stage designer John Conklin was credited with this insight by Anne Bogart, writing in her book and then, you act. Bogart was interested in how you make art in an unpredictable world, but I think the admonition applies more generally, and my post, “Focusing Near and Far” explores this theme, and suggests my approach to the blog.
My eclectic working life included communications, community relations, management, sales, and marketing. Now, outside of writing, I identify more as a scratch cook, canoe paddler, recycled Christian and amateur sociologist. My work at AAA Washington and at Group Health Cooperative—as well as my mid-career Sociology M.A. from Western Washington University—always included writing, and now I get to pick my topics, which means I get to experience writing with more thrill, difficulty, and exasperation, especially now as I prepare a book.
I invite visitors to browse this Website in bits, on a tea or coffee break. I welcome comments. Please also sign up at the newsletter button—that will help me get out the word whenever I have publication news. Thank you!

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