I want an all-electric car with a passion. I’m not normally what marketers call an early adopter, not by general inclination (or budget.) It’s just that I want to get away from oil. Here in the hydro-powered Pacific Northwest, it’s also a perfect solution, as much as any solution can be said to be perfect. We’re even getting rapid-charging stations up and down the I-5 freeway corridor. And what’s more than cool about it is the other benefits.

Electric cars can have a marvelous effect on our urban neighborhoods. We’ll drive through without leaving a stinky blight to innocent lungs minding their own business at home, and . . . without disturbing the quiet! Make urban living sweet and there will be less sprawl. Does that make as much sense to you as it does to me, or am I pipe dreaming again?

But back to earth (or Bill McKibbon’s Eaarth). Realistically, an electric car isn’t in the cards for me just yet. Patience. I’m trying to keep from gritting my teeth. Greening up just isn’t going fast enough! What can I do in the meantime? It seems I’m only doing little steps. Hey, here’s a thought: how many little steps would equal the one big step of an electric car? I mean, for now?

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